Valkyrie star

Valkyrie star is a game that has the theme of a strong and mighty combat woman. This story that still contains Greece will show the greatness of a beautiful and strong combat woman. Not afraid of anything and ready to do battle with other soldiers. Women who use combat clothes with shields and swords are ready to help us in the war.

The great theme makes many gamers curious about the form of the Valkyrie Star game. The opening game that shows the beauty of nature such as a mountain filled with grass and a beautiful flowing river makes one’s mood peaceful with the beauty of nature.

Mighty woman

The basic theme that is able to attract many players from various circles, both Nrcra – teenagers and adults, enlivens the Valkyrie Star game. This game which has 5 reels and 3 rows has many obstacles in order to win against the bad guys. Every obstacle gamers must be able to face in order to get game value and payouts.

There are 25 types that gamers must do so that gamers can get value and payments. Seeing the greatness of beautiful women makes many men look confused. Because not all women look strong so many men underestimate women. but how it turns out that women also have hidden talents so they can beat men.

fighting woman
against enemies and beasts//fighting woman

Strong and great character

In the past, women might be underestimated. Because of that novomatic made a game that looks challenging with a female player character who can fight using a sword and can make strategies against enemies. A valkyrie star game is formed, a strong woman who can fight and is ready to fight.

In the valkyrie star game, gamers will find several characters in the game such as stars, wolves, red-haired women, warrior women, red balls with 3 triangle symbols and many more symbols that gamers can find in game info. In the game valkyrie star on the game screen you will find several game buttons that have many functions.

Each function on the button is different – ​​one of them is info. In the info there will be many types of information that you can get such as symbols, values, number of symbols and much more. Therefore, if you still want to know the game symbol, you can enter the game info. In the wild the valkyrie star is present on the star.

Wilds and bonuses

Gold shining star will be ready to replace any symbol except bonus. Getting the same 5 stars or more will help you get unexpected scores with symbols that combine female warriors. Females and wilds will form a value and expand so that the screen is full of female warriors. Make gamers win games easier and faster.

In addition to the wild there are also bonus symbols in the game. The shape is round in red with 3 triangles in the middle, so someone will win. Get 6 bonus marks gamers will see the bonus will expand while lighting up a triangle on each sign. This will give you a big chance to win. The appearance of bonuses on reels 2, 3, and 4

Each successful expansion of the bonus gamers will see a black flag sign with right and left wing logos. Every battle you will see a great warrior woman waiting for the enemy to come and finish all attacks. The opponents are not only human soldiers but female warriors will also be ready to fight beasts with strength and sharp sword slashes.